The Work Remix Podcast has Launched!


To all managers, staff, entrepreneurs and HR enthusiasts, I’ve honorable launched a podcast namely for you. It’s known as The Work Remix!

In each episode of The Work Remix, I reply questions from experts honorable similar to you. (Bought one? Inquire it here). 

The blueprint of every episode is to present you with particular and actionable tools to:

Work extra efficiently right through generational variationsBe a extra empathetic and progressive leader and workforce memberObtain your personal occupation targetsToughen a extra inclusive and winning put of work for allNow it’s time to in finding your own podcast hump.

An episode for managers: In Episode 1, I form out a same outdated 21st century management anticipate: “What’s the tall contend with Millennials, and why ought to I care about them?” Despite the frequently damaging stereotypes, embracing the Millennial level of view can provide your definite competitive advantages. What advantages exactly? Discover by following the link.An episode for staff: In Episode 2, I offer advice for those of us wondering, “What’s the categorical means to demand for strategies from a supervisor who is now not giving ample?” Study to scheme self belief and hit your blueprint metrics with out fearing the pink fling at each strategies session. Click here.

An episode for students: Episode 3 is for school students who could perchance even be feeling overwhelmed by the occupation “help” offered by mates and family. You’re taking care of their willingness to function introductions, but you don’t graduate for one other six months. How manufacture you focal level to your last semesters with out letting meaningful leads develop frigid? Plot shut a listen.