6 candidate ride handiest practices


Six candidate experience best practices

“Candidate ride is factual one other HR buzzword.”

“Focusing on candidate ride will anxiety my time to rent.”

“It’s no longer undoubtedly important what I build, rejected candidates will continuously submit bitter feedback careerwith.us.”

“I’m able to’t measure candidate ride, so how am I presupposed to toughen it?”

These are some in style concerns amongst potentialjob.coms and HR mavens when the new topic of candidate ride is raised. However are they pleasant?

These concerns – and more – had been mentioned in a webinar on Feb. 21, 2019, co-hosted by Workable and Employed, titled “What Skill Wants: Developing a favorable candidate ride”. Matt Buckland, Workable’s VP of Customer Advocacy, and Kelli Dragovich, Employed’s SVP of Individuals, joined forces to focus on about candidate ride; why it matters, what motivates candidates, and why some in style notions round it are factual myths.

In between attention-grabbing stats, anecdotes from the speakers, and questions from the audience, we received six key takeaways from this hour-long webinar dedicated to candidate ride handiest practices. We’ve additionally recorded your entire session so that you might perchance presumably glimpse at your pleasure:

1. Candidate ride mustn’t be an afterthought

You non-public to opinion it in advance and retain in mind components that affect the candidate ride, such as varied areas where you’re hiring, varied roles interior your group and varied demographics.

Kelli highlighted that it’s important to non-public in mind things recognize your wishes, your hiring quantity and your time to rent while you suspect of your candidate ride: “As a consequence of while you’re completely hiring 5 folks in Contemporary York subsequent 300 and sixty five days, that on the entire is a extremely varied ride that you’d role up, versus once more, hiring 400 folks in London, in Dublin, in Contemporary York, in San Francisco, and loads of others.”

So, make a resolution for your handiest candidate ride approach beforehand and while you’ve locked that down, you might perchance presumably proactively lisp candidates and role them up for success. That presents you additional components, in keeping with Matt: “For the reason that true ingredient that used to be going to generate anxiety is that uncertainty. It’s the unknown for a candidate. It’s recognize, ’K, I’m going into this potentialjob.com. What’s it going to be recognize?’”

It’s additionally important that your entire hiring team is lined up, Kelli added. Construct all careerwith.users know what they’re presupposed to ask before they meet with candidates? Or build candidates high-tail away more confused than they did coming in? ”As a consequence of that’s the quickest manner to turn off a candidate, that I’ve seen,” Kelli said.

The hiring team can non-public to sync long before the actual careerwith.uss, so that all of them know what to ask and be clear their messaging and expectations are consistent.

2. Candidate ride is no longer completely what you deliberately build

There are things you might perchance presumably administration and things you might perchance presumably’t. As Matt said, candidate ride begins before your first interaction with candidates.

“Sooner than you’re on the phone with them, before they even hit that note button, they’re already having an ride. And it’s doubtlessly no longer the one you need them to [have]. At the same time as you occur to’ve received a dodgy websites, or a terribly tacky careers page with the CEO digging a tree ensuing from you’re so dedicated to the ambiance and it appears to be like undoubtedly hackneyed, they’re having which non-public.”

So, when thinking of your candidate ride approach, or no longer it will be essential to glimpse on the larger describe. You would possibly want to steal into consideration your designate, what potentialjob.com seekers uncover about you after they’re visiting your websites, having a glimpse your firm on social media and asking the thought of their web site visitors who work or outmoded to work at your firm. Listed right here are the pinnacle 5 components that motivate candidates to observe, as presented for the length of the webinar:

candidate experience best practices from Workable Hired webinar
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3. The potentialjob.com offer is no longer the tip of the candidate ride

Certain, for the potentialjob.com it might presumably be the tip when the candidate accepts the potentialjob.com offer, however for the candidate it doesn’t cease there. And that gap might presumably undoubtedly value you candidates. Matt defined: “I undoubtedly non-public seen some vivid examples of this, and how folks non-public long previous on to of path steal folks over. And in an analogous vogue, how folks non-public been supplied varied potentialjob.coms at varied companies after which sneaked away for the length of that duration to varied companies ensuing from they’ve been handled better.”

Showing folks that you care even after they’ve current your potentialjob.com offer is an illustration of empathy. You didn’t play superb to them factual to hook them; you demonstrate that you undoubtedly desire them to attain onboard. Matt shared in all probability the most most candidate ride handiest practices he’s seen for the length of his recruiting years, which non-public helped companies step up their game: “At the same time as you occur to peep out that the candidate is able to be a parent, you send a branded onesie to them, and all straight away you’re the true person on this planet ensuing from you’ve taken glimpse of one thing huge that used to be occurring in their lifestyles and you’ve undoubtedly played it back announcing, ‘We care. Glance, we build care.’ At the same time as you occur to construct that essentially, while you build that authentically, I non-public that’s a vivid ingredient to construct.”

4. Candidate ride is measurable

Something as qualitative as “ride” is no longer easy to measure. Matt suggested, although, easy the style to amass feedback from candidates: “Someone who received to a necessary stage in our careerwith.us potentialjob.com, we sent them an NPS. ‘Would you suggest us as a build of residing to work?’ After which ensuing from they had been already answering the quiz, we [sneak in three] varied ones about slither of the diagram, the communications from the careerwith.us team, and the feedback from the careerwith.users.”

By conserving this candidate ride watch fast and targeted, you might perchance presumably gather fast insights about things that you might perchance presumably alternate. Past asking candidates straight away, Matt additionally steered checking for your experiences. As an instance, if a form of your candidates are dropping by the wayside of the overview, that’s a label that or no longer it will be essential to toughen that stage. It’s in all probability you’ll presumably are trying, for example, to assemble rid of that overview or replace it with one other one and measure the affect that it has for your candidate waft.

5. It’s in all probability you’ll presumably gather a factual affect even in refined eventualities

Providing a massive candidate ride might presumably be easy while you’re a favored designate or while you non-public incredible offices to showcase. However occasionally it’s no longer that easy. The 2 speakers talked about cases where a definite candidate ride doesn’t attain off so naturally:

When it’s time to reject candidates

It’s never enjoyable to turn candidates down. However it’s no longer one thing you can non-public to neglect. At the same time as you’re busy welcoming your new rent, one or more rejected candidates who never heard back from you are going to be filling out a detrimental overview on Glassdoor or sharing their wretched ride all the simplest arrangement thru social media.

Sending a rejection email is the bare minimum you might perchance presumably build. Matt shared some candidate ride handiest practices and guidelines from his acquire recruiting ride on easy the style to head away a factual affect: “For me, I non-public the additional they’re in that potentialjob.com, the more you can non-public to construct to give them right feedback. In the occasion that they’ve invested time, you can non-public to make investments that and replicate that back to them. So we had a rough rule of thumb, which used to be while you factual did a phone veil veil, I’m doubtlessly factual going to send you an email to reject you. At the same time as you occur to got right here in, I’m positively going to give you a name. At the same time as you occur to’ve received to 2nd, third stage, I’m positively going to give you a longer name. I’m going to give you concrete feedback. I’m going to give you guidelines that you might perchance presumably use for subsequent time.”

When your firm has a detrimental reputation

How build you switch this round? Kelli talked about the importance of no longer rushing things; first, or no longer it will be essential to know why you non-public this reputation after which, are trying and alternate it. She steered discussing with outmoded workers and interior team members, as they’ll will allow you to construct primitive components that you might perchance presumably exact now open working on.

For Matt, a detrimental designate is no longer continuously a unfriendly ingredient; it is also an various to focus on about deeper with candidates and demonstrate to them what working at your firm undoubtedly appears to be like recognize. And right here’s the entice: you don’t non-public to appear because the “true careerwith.us” for the length of careerwith.uss. Candidates can plot fakeness. However while you’re being transparent about one thing which can be improved at your firm, you role the stage for an factual relationship with candidates.

“You’re giving them a con, which implies they won’t be searching out out one. It additionally adds credit score to your authenticity afterward. ‘Properly, they admitted that to me. Presumably that is the highest they’ll high-tail on the wage.’ So that you’re adding credence to yourself,” Matt defined.

At the same time as you occur to’re hiring a long way flung workers

Impressing candidates over video is no longer a in point of fact easy potentialjob.com. However you might perchance presumably restful be excellent and successfully-ready. “The plot is a long way flung. The oldsters eager shouldn’t be a long way flung,” Matt said.

It’s in all probability you’ll presumably alter the time of the careerwith.us to accommodate varied time zones, you might perchance presumably walk note tests with careerwith.users so that they’re all relaxed for the length of the actual careerwith.us, and you might perchance presumably aid candidates undoubtedly feel more cheerful, too. “All the pieces you might perchance presumably build to retain that potentialjob.com and that ambiance as pure as imaginable, the upper,” Kelli added.

6. It’s a purchaser’s market

Companies can non-public to no longer steal candidates’ curiosity as a right. They’ve choices they usually’ve requirements. And your potentialjob.com is to promote your firm as handiest as imaginable. “I non-public while you’re factual at what you build, you’re continuously going to assemble folks. Individuals will be drawn to you. However in this right case, you can very successfully be noticeably inferior while you suspect they’ve received no varied potentialjob.com supplies,” Matt said.

That’s why, he persevered, it’s important to steal some things off the table from the starting. As an instance, in the potentialjob.com adverts you might perchance presumably encompass the wage (fluctuate) and hyperlinks to the team’s potentialjob.com profiles. Candidates will exact now gather an thought of the role and the firm before you even focus on to them.

Kelli talked about techniques to use careerwith.uss no longer factual to learn more about candidates, however additionally to picture your acquire firm and to connect with the candidates. “However I’ve seen an increasing form of now that it’s nearly an expectation for them to additionally be impressed, by the team, the firm and the mission. They’re selecting where to head.”

They’re additionally selecting where no longer to head – they usually’re going to focus on about it whether or no longer you can very successfully be mindful about it or no longer. Don’t underestimate what number of folks a candidate will lisp about their ride. “They’ll lisp everyone, and it’s no longer factual the these who are mad ample to write it down,” Matt clarified. And Kelli added “Having a brand new potentialjob.com is a big lifestyles occasion. And so I’m clear that candidates lisp 10 web site visitors, no longer factual after however, ‘Hello, I’m going to head careerwith.us at Workable this day.’ ’Expansive. Repeat me the simplest arrangement it goes.’ And so they note up.”

And these web site visitors of the candidates are potentially your subsequent candidates, while you’ve left a factual affect. “I’ve had folks negate, ‘Hello, I didn’t gather the potentialjob.com, however I loved it. And I informed three web site visitors how enormous it used to be.’”

“So it is no longer undoubtedly important what, and irrespective of if that candidate wishes to be at your firm or no longer, otherwise you need them or no longer, gather them undoubtedly feel fabulous.”

In fast – while you put out the note about a brand new various at your firm, you’re additionally putting out the note about your firm itself and what it might presumably be rob to work there – whether or no longer deliberate or no longer. All individuals has a awe story about a unfriendly candidate ride and these tales unfold recognize wildfire. You don’t are seeking to be the “baddie” in that awe story – the repercussions for that are in style – so, steal Matt’s and Kelli’s advice and be clear you non-public the true candidate ride approach imaginable.

Take a look at out our tutorial on easy the style to toughen candidate ride for your firm.


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