Place aside a query to a Recruiter: What’s the most productive technique to reject a job applicant?


Ask a Recruiter, Joanne Ward

ask a recruiterNobody likes to be rejected and I don’t assume there could be a single “easiest formula” to originate it. But because it’s far the single-most frequent task potentialjob.coms originate, here’s my manual on reject a applicant in accordance with the easy philosophy of treating folk with appreciate and the utilization of general sense.

As a general rule of thumb, I wager that the rejection may maybe furthermore just restful reflect the amount of effort now we have expected from the applicant reckoning on the stage of the formula they’ve reached. Typically a “higher contact” more non-public path of may maybe furthermore very successfully be acceptable for extraordinarily senior or specialist roles. Typically potentialjob.coms agonize for see you afterward how and what to claim they pause up doing nothing. That’s unacceptable and outcomes in a extremely unhappy candidate expertise!

At each and every stage, suggestions/rejection wants to be given within 24 hours—if more time is essential to salvage a decision, then ship a keeping message with the expected timeframe. This formula the applicant will restful feel that they’re well-known to you.

  • Rejection at application stage. An customary but personalized electronic mail rejection is okay. Thank them for his or her hobby, but direct them you may maybe be working with candidates who more closely match your requirements. This template wants to be an customary feature of your ATS.
  • Rejection after preliminary conceal (cell phone or video.) A rejection electronic mail is restful acceptable at this stage. Continuously thank them for his or her time and when you are going to be ready to, give a particular reason why you are going to need gotten made up our minds now not to proceed. While you consume to call the candidate you wants to be ready for them to search files from for particular tiny print about how you reached your decision.
  • Rejection after technical take a look at. Some technical assessments can consume hours to full and most candidates already have stout-time potentialjob.coms and lives—so even within the event that they don’t reach the customary you like, they need to have suggestions on their outcomes, given the hassle they’ve undergone. It is crucial that the commentary is geared up by the Hiring Supervisor or Assessor in insist that it’s authentic and positive. The offer of this message can restful be by the by strategy of electronic mail or cell phone call, depending upon non-public favor.
  • Rejection after face-to-face An applicant who makes it this far within the formula may maybe furthermore just restful persistently, on the very least, be rejected by a cell phone call or video chat (as an illustration, Skype/ Google Hangouts.) They’ve committed loads of time and energy to your path of and this wants to be mirrored within the draw of your rejection. Provide them with supreme, positive suggestions and particular reasons, and be aware up by strategy of electronic mail within the event that they set aside a query to it for reflection later.

Joanne Ward is the Managing Director & Co-Founding father of Winter Court docket Consulting, a UK-essentially essentially based firm offering inside teams on a project foundation to lend a hand startups and scaling agencies space up challenges. Follow Joanne on Twitter @Joanne_WCC and


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