Video interview purple flags: Why they’re now not all edifying


video interview red flags

Attach merely, pause you already know what your assign of abode of enterprise workers’ residences search for enjoy? Exceptional extra, pause you care? Then why ought to the setting that candidates buy for his or her video topic? Absolutely, a candidate who has a neat background and speaks fluently in entrance of a camera will score an limitless first impact. But it surely’s an tall leap to reject candidates outright because, for instance, the lights became once now not staunch or if they were clearly working from the kitchen table.

Let’s ogle what the most typical candidate video purple flags are and why you ought to resolve them with a pinch of salt:

1. Much less than good atmosphere / background

There are a amount of on-line guides that support both candidates and careerwith.users internet ready for a video They generally record to beget a background freed from clutter, buy a correctly-lit room and mute notifications. Does this mean that a candidate who doesn’t adhere to all these pointers is inexcusable? Now not continuously.

Capabilities enjoy unhappy lights, background noises or interruptions from pets and roommates can certainly be distracting. But let’s face it: we can’t replicate the assign of abode of enterprise atmosphere. We’re asking too worthy from candidates after we question them to beget the good setting for his or her video

Judge these scenarios:

  • Corinne resides with three roommates and the absolute best aloof assign of abode in the dwelling the assign she can beget the video with none distractions is her limited bedroom with correct her bed and no desk.
  • Benjamin has some issues along with his info superhighway connection for the time being so he chose to beget his video at a aloof but delivery air cafe as a change.
  • Damian is currently employed and has a video with every other firm, but the absolute best mutually helpful time became once at some level of his lunch ruin, so he takes the call in the auto parking space inside his automobile.
  • Anastasia became once invited to a video but has absolute best a desktop PC without a webcam, therefore she connects thru her smartphone that she has to protect as loyal as imaginable at some level of the entire call.

Or, beget a search for at this right video that went viral a whereas in the past:

There are a amount of the explanations why candidates might perhaps well now not beget this good, distraction-free atmosphere for your video, so don’t be so speedily to comprise them – or, especially, reject them.


If it’s predominant for candidates to beget staunch video abilities (e.g. let’s pronounce you’re hiring for a video editor characteristic or a buyer training assign of abode), you need them to proactively mediate predominant capabilities, such because the typical of lights and sound. Those candidates will likely stand out. Make journey that, though, that you just might perhaps perhaps perhaps be beget in ideas the utter work stipulations: if they’re going to be working out of your assign of abode of enterprise, then an surprising interruption from a pet at some level of the video ought to now not be a dealbreaker, because it’s now not one thing they would perhaps beget without complications kept far off from – or one thing prone to happen at your assign of abode of enterprise.

2. Uncomfortable physique language

Elevate out you already know this trick the assign you save a put up-it subsequent to your webcam to remind yourself to search for thru the camera while you’re on a video call? Now not everyone does. And even supposing they spend this trick, it doesn’t mean that it’s consistently good. careerwith.uss are tense anyway, extra so while you must be in contact to a laptop other than a human. It’s accepted that candidates omit to protect “test contact” at some level of a video

Besides lack of test contact, other signs of “unhappy” physique language, generally acknowledged as purple flags at some level of careerwith.uss, is prone to be:

  • fidgeting
  • now not smiling
  • having a atrocious posture
  • taking half in with their hair
  • biting their nails

Even supposing those behaviors unusual anxiousness, don’t be speedily to internet a purple flag. Video careerwith.uss save candidates in the spotlight, and critically their face, that procedure that it’s more straightforward so that you just can focal level on a tic they would beget or a anxious movement they score.

Lets argue that candidates might perhaps well note and repair those non-verbal cues that don’t learn correctly on camera. Let’s assume, in one-procedure video careerwith.uss, they pause beget the possibility to pre-record themselves and overview how they search for and sound – but this doesn’t necessarily score the procedure more straightforward for them.

Other folks generally don’t enjoy how they search for on camera or how their enlighten sounds, especially after they’re now not conversant in this process. That would score them encounter as downhearted or anxious. To assist candidates ease their nerves, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps:

  • Share some pointers beforehand to assist them prepare for the video
  • Have a member of the hiring team record themselves welcoming candidates to the hiring process in record to living the tone
  • Send a video instance to prove them easy suggestions to handiest most well liked themselves

If the characteristic has nothing to pause with speaking in entrance of a camera (whether recording yourself or live), then you shouldn’t be harsh on other folks that can perhaps battle with that. And don’t pick that they lack self-self perception; for instance, conceal how the tone of their enlighten modifications after they be in contact about one thing they know very correctly. That is a larger indicator of whether or not they honestly feel assured about their abilities and info.


If the video is a simulation of the (i.e. if the characteristic entails speaking to purchasers thru video or giving on-line shows), then candidates’ performance can provide you a dawdle of how correctly they’ll pause at the utter Additionally, unhappy physique language is prone to be a purple flag if we’re speaking about over-the-high behaviors, akin to vulgar anxiousness that doesn’t let the dialogue waft or an especially relaxed perspective (e.g. lying on the couch at some level of the whereas wearing pajamas).

3. Technical difficulties

One basic motive candidates battle with – or are cautious about – video careerwith.uss is that they’re now not conversant in the tech requirements. Examples encompass info superhighway connection hiccups, video tool they haven’t historical sooner than, or hardware (e.g. camera and microphone) setup.

While candidates don’t must be IT consultants to encourage a video, there are obvious tech issues they would now not consider of in advance. Let’s assume, their info superhighway connection is prone to be OK for accepted internet browsing, but video calls generally require extra capacity. Due to the this truth, they would tag that the connection is less loyal absolute best at some level of the itself.

Except the video is a testomony to candidates’ technical abilities, beget in ideas sending some easy pointers ahead of your call to dwell such issues when imaginable. Point out how candidates can:

  • Be a half of the call (e.g. whether or not they must score utter tool)
  • Test the typical of their camera, microphone and speakers
  • Prepare recording themselves sooner than submitting their final solutions (in case of 1-procedure video careerwith.uss)
  • Troubleshoot basic technical issues

On the opposite hand, put in ideas that no topic how correctly willing you might perhaps perhaps perhaps very correctly be, issues don’t consistently stride as deliberate. Don’t jump to the conclusion that a candidate is unprofessional or less exciting on the characteristic if they prove up a short time late; tech hiccups might perhaps well happen at any time. Perchance they’d checked sooner than the call and everything became once working, but as they tried to affix the meeting, they noticed that their camera or microphone disconnected, so that they wanted to restart their computer which cost fundamental minutes. (“Have you tried turning it off and on over again?”)

It’s handiest to assist them overcome those technical difficulties – or even reschedule if there’s no other solution – other than comprise them over issues they might be able to’t necessarily support watch over.


When hiring for tech roles, unhappy troubleshooting abilities is prone to be a purple flag. Again, though, don’t focal level on the venture itself, focal level on how candidates handle those technical issues as they arise. Let’s assume, candidates who awe because they might be able to’t join to your video tool or because they fail to score their microphone work might perhaps well now not be the good fits for an IT characteristic the assign they’ll deserve to reinforce others and on a in style basis solve tech issues.

4. Inauthentic solutions

The motive of video careerwith.uss, correct enjoy any procedure of and overview, is to gauge candidates’ abilities and pick whether or not they would be a staunch match for your firm. So, when candidates give canned solutions, after they sound “robotic” without letting their abilities shine, or after they fail to reply to a test by giving imprecise or one-phrase solutions, you would’t in actual fact tag their capacity.

This doesn’t mean you ought to straight away disqualify them, though. First, try to title and address the explanations in the support of their performance.

  • Canned solutions are generally the consequence of basic, overly-historical questions – akin to “What are your finest strengths?” or “Why are you a staunch match for this characteristic?”. Your candidates likely beget heard those questions constantly over and realized to reply to in a utter procedure. As a change, differentiate your questions to instructed candidates to portion their queer experiences. Let’s assume, you would test them to describe utter examples the assign they showed empathy at work or to sprint you thru one in all their past initiatives. It’s likely you’ll additionally give them a fictional scenario and ogle how they’d procedure it.
  • Lack of knowledge speaking to a camera makes candidates sound robotic and less engaged. It’s now not necessarily an indicator of their conversation abilities. Reduction them internet extra overjoyed by setting the good tone yourself. After we be in contact to other folks, we are inclined to reflect their behaviors, so the extra you smile and the extra assured and relaxed you search for, the more straightforward it’ll be for candidates to prove their elegant self. Whenever you’re conducting one-procedure video careerwith.uss, you would ship an electronic mail to candidates ahead of their recording to introduce yourself so that they’re feeling they’re addressing you even supposing there’s no live interplay.
  • Technical difficulties might perhaps well reason candidates to give unhappy solutions or even to miss a test. After they provide a imprecise or very short reply, there are potentialities that they would haven’t heard the test correctly. Own in ideas asking a note-up test while you’re now not overjoyed with their reply. For one-procedure video careerwith.uss, score sure you give candidates obvious pointers on easy suggestions to put up their solutions and that your video careerwith.using tool is intuitive and simple-to spend. It’s purposeful if candidates can record extra than one takes and buy the one that handiest captures what they must utter. Additionally, while you might perhaps perhaps beget a deadline, score sure candidates are mindful of that in advance and that the timer is in a prominent assign of abode.


When candidates clearly don’t save an effort in showcasing their abilities, even while you’re asking the good questions and helping them in actual fact feel overjoyed with the procedure, this might perhaps perhaps perhaps certainly be a video purple flag. Inevitably, other folks that pause their research, procedure willing and might perhaps well prove whether and how they’d add cost to your team will stand out, unlike candidates who follow socially clever solutions or seem they must internet it over with.

5. No-shows

“They didn’t prove up at the, so that they doubtlessly aren’t exciting on the characteristic.”

“It’s unprofessional to now not exclaim the careerwith.user while you would’t score it to the”

These are edifying concerns when candidates omit a (video) Particularly for one-procedure video careerwith.uss, the assign candidates can record their solutions at their beget consolation, it’s uncommon to miss the cut again-off date.

But, beget you ever idea that presumably it’s you, now not them? Besides excessive, closing-minute emergencies or lack of professionalism, no-shows unusual that candidates changed their ideas and don’t enjoy to invest time on your hiring process. Whenever you dig deeper, you might perhaps perhaps perhaps accumulate that you just’re “pushing” them to that decision.

For video careerwith.uss, namely, no-shows might perhaps well mean that:

  • Candidates might perhaps well in actual fact feel that the procedure is cool and impersonal. Image this: they applied for a characteristic at your firm and are wanting forward to hearing support from you. As a change, they internet a generic message to log trusty into a platform and record their solutions. Try so that you just can add a human touch to your outreach to candidates at some level of every step of the procedure. Introduce yourself, portion a short custom video from a member of the hiring team or provide some precious tips to candidates so as that they don’t in actual fact feel their absolute best interplay with your firm is thru a conceal.
  • Candidates might perhaps well now not tag why you them on-line. Except you’re hiring for a far-off assign of abode, video careerwith.using might perhaps well appear an uncommon possibility to native candidates or even an indicator that you just don’t deserve to invest time in them. To assist far off from that concept, be delivery about the structure of your hiring process. It’s likely you’ll ship shortlisted candidates an summary of the next steps or describe the procedure on your careers internet page. When candidates know what to anticipate, they’re extra prone to be engaged.
  • Candidates might perhaps well battle with setup or technical requirements. Imagine now not being ready to score the video tool, struggling to search out easy suggestions to record or re-play your solutions or having questions pop up at your conceal without you radiant that the time is on. That is now not the roughly expertise it is advisable to provide to candidates – and it might perhaps probably perhaps prove why some of them don’t entire the Make journey that that the procedure is particular person-kindly; try it out yourself, test it with your colleagues, bag and spend feedback to purple meat up it sooner than animated candidates. Additionally, portion step-by-step pointers and be readily available for questions candidates might perhaps well beget.


It’s likely you’ll’t know for sure why a candidate didn’t encourage a – whether in-particular person or far-off – except they expose you. And whereas it’s hard to internet this info from candidates themselves, you would ogle if there are any patterns. Let’s assume, if most no-shows are at some level of the video stage for a utter characteristic, you’ve got regarded as looking out to envision whether this assign of abode attracts less tech-savvy candidates, so you must most well liked the procedure in extra detail. If numbers expose you that, generally, candidates tumble out from the video stage, reach out to your most most well liked hires to tag what challenges they confronted after they were in that stage. No-shows must now not one thing you would without complications support watch over, but you would try to provide an limitless candidate expertise to dwell as many as imaginable.

Video careerwith.uss let you accumulate out which candidates will score better hires. Don’t depend on speedily shortcuts, though. Making assumptions about candidates might perhaps well speed up the procedure, but puts the typical of your hiring at possibility. To assist far off from biases when careerwith.using candidates on-line, mediate what you’re procuring for in capacity hires beforehand. Then support an beget a look at for those qualifiers in candidates’ solutions, other than specializing in apparent video purple flags.


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